• Over 30 years of success on rewinding repairs of huge electric machines

  • Thousands of responsible repair duties threw the biggest electric motors and generators

Welcome To Biraf
Biraf fulfills complete AC and DC Electric Motors and all types of generators and huge brakes and lifting magnets Repair and Rewinding services From fractional HP up to several Mega of HP.
We could handle all your requested repair services for your electric machine including all special class categories of rewinding low and medium tension voltage.
Core Loss Testing, and core laminations repair is a must in our rewinding process for any frame size. Read more
We have the best solutions and we are familiar for all needed repairs in most electric machines product like:
Marelli. Secme-Motori. Ansaldo. Mecc- Altte. Lombardini. Leroy- Somer. AEG. Stamford. AVK. US motor. GE motor. Siemens. Baldor. VEM. Lincoln Caterpillar. Miller. Basler Electric. Leeson. Marathon Electric Motor. Delco. Ingersoll-Rand. Peerless .Weiman .Taco .Allis-Chalmers .Barnes .Fairbanks Nesbitt
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