Alternating current motors:
Rewinding and repair of Alternating current motors of all types and ratings low and medium tension voltage 3.3KV - 6.6KV - up to 11KV Including:
All needed mechanical repairs like shaft wear or shaft eccentricity repair or even shaft complete change.
Bearing housing repair and bearing change.
Dynamic balancing.
We are expert on all rotors rewinding wound or cage rotors extracting aluminum and replacing with equivalent cooper conductors making all needed copper welding.
Also stator rewinding well done on our workshop using class H enameled copper conductors and class H paper insulations with complete immures on our oven dry varnish tank which is suitable for all frame sizes up to 2.25 meter diameter also our oven is suitable for that.
Core lamination repair for all stators is a must in our repairs extracting core from enclosure disconnecting all laminations reinsulating and collecting and pressing again.
Testing of all motors on our test stand and loading taking all needed reading for no load and half and full load running.
All needed parts for motors and control panel.
We guarantee all repairs with minimum 6 months