About Biraf
Biraf fulfills complete AC and DC Electric Motors and all types of generators and huge brakes and lifting magnets Repair and Rewinding services From fractional HP up to several Mega of HP.
We could handle all your requested repair services for your electric machine including all special class categories of rewinding low and medium tension voltage.
Core Loss Testing, and core laminations repair is a must in our rewinding process for any frame size.
We offer all type of DC rotor repair including huge Commutators replacement or repair and rewinding with the best enameled double layer copper plates.
Also we give you solutions for all induction motor rotors.
biraf handles a perfect repair of any salient pole rotor of any huge frame size for all generators.
In addition biraf gives you complete mechanical repairs including pressing out broken and scored shafts, fabricate new shafts or resurface worn areas, repair of bearing housing or replace of roller and ball bearings and repair of shaft eccentricity.
Dynamic Balancing and All needed Inspections in addition all vibration test are available.
Surge test polarization test locked rotor test no- load test also from fraction up to full load test through all needed Voltage rating up to 6000V on our work shop.
We use complete immures in class H anti acids oven dry varnish even for huge machines threw our own tank and oven and Our cranes capacity which is up to 16 tons.
We offer our clients guarantee for all repairs of 1 year for small frames & 2 years for medium and huge frame sizes fulfilling.